Maestros Steakhouse or Taco Bell? Why dating in LA is a trap

I’m a single woman in my late 20’s, living in LA, struggling and juggling my barely-existent personal life and my somewhat of a career. My friends, family and other people think I’m way more accomplished than I think I actually am, LA does that to you too, it’s a Hollywood thing. Very contradicting, nothing is as it seems, everyone’s working but nobody really has a job, people in nice cars live in the hood.  It’s funny because it’s not until you start paying attention to these things that you realize how bizarre this place really is. Don’t get me wrong, I love LA but I have to be honest.

I feel very Carrie Bradshaw after creating this blog but some things are just meant to be shared. Mainly I want reassurance that I am not the only woman who experiences these crazy things when it comes to dating, fucking or loving someone in this crazy place.

But before we can start talking about anything we need to understand why the dating scene in LA is a complete trap.

First and foremost there are only three types of guys in LA.

The Hollywood Type
The LA Type
The Out of Town Type

The Hollywood type is always out and about, knows everyone or at least thinks he does, he’s most likely a promoter, rapper, actor, model, hustler, etc etc.. basically anything creative that doesn’t really get you paid until you really make it. There are however two types of the Hollywood Type, one with money and one without. The one with money is most likely some type of celeb or athlete, their friends also fall in this category. The second Hollywood type is the broke type who’s trying to make it, he might even have a side job but don’t expect too much.

The LA Type is a little more intense, he’s an original, born and raised. This type of guy is most likely from the hood, or somewhere in the Valley. The LA type is usually out in the streets hustling or working a regular job, or both, who knows. The LA type is probably not interested in being associated with Hollywood and although could be a criminal, is most likely not pursuing an “unrealistic” career.

The Out of Town Type is usually sexy only because he’s a breath of fresh air, but he’s way too hype. He’ll get excited by seeing celebrities in the club and will most likely tell you all about it later. Anyone who’s new to LA has a very high risk of getting sucked into the bullshit so you have to be aware. This type probably moved here for acting. The out of town type is exciting at first but becomes very blah sooner than later.

Now we can move on..

Dating is impossible in LA because of various reasons

1.People have secret lives
Yes, you read that right. and I mean it literally. You can be dating someone for a year and not know that they’re married. Bizarre right? Not in LA. You have to be a detective out here if you wanna get any type of information. It’s real.

2.People are very protective of their freedom

People are very protective of their freedom and will never give you all of their time wether you want it or not. You might date someone for a year but you only see each other a few times per month. This actually works well in some situations especially if you’re only friends with benefits but if you want commitment, once a month should not be enough.

3. Nobody can afford it
Let’s face it, unless your man is ballin’ he’s broke. There’s no in between, even if he has a well paying job, between rent, bills, food, gas, and life in general there’s no money left, and lord help you if he has kids from a previous relationship. It’s hard out here, everyones struggling so you either go to nice dinners at Maestros in Beverly Hills or you’re ordering off the value menu at Taco Bell. That’s LA.

Buuuuuut, the dilemma doesn’t even start there, it starts when you realize that you’re having more fun with the guy who took you to Taco Bell than the guy who took you to Beverly Hills. That’s when you start  thinking about what your life will look like if you settle, how many other opportunities you will miss out on and of course how many other qualified guys who will never have the chance to take you out. Unless you’re a slut of course, or using someone for their money, because trust me when I say, there are girls in LA who live off free dinners but these girls are irrelevant here, we ain’t like that.

What’s it like dating in your city? If you live in LA, can you relate to this?

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